Reasons For Short Height

"Malnutrition, No exercising, Lack of sleep, Stress & Genetic"

Diet for good Height

"Dairy products like Milk, Cheese, Yogurt as they have calcium, proteins and vitamins A, B, D and E, which are essential for height growth. Eggs, Soy Bean, Banana, Oatmeal, Leafy Green Vegetables are also very important for good height."

Yoga and exercises for height

"Do pranayama daily. Surya Namaskar, Chakrasana, Tadasana are good yogic exercises to grow height. Do swimming, Jumping Exercises, Hanging Exercise, Cobra Stretch etc for faster results. "

Ayurvedic medicines for height

"Ashwagandha, musli and chyawanprash are good herbal supplements for height growth."

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asked by miscelle on 8 January 2010 13:24

Hi i m 23 and i m 5.1 " tall .Is there any medicine in ayurveda that can help me increase my height at this point .Please advice me some effective solution to increase my height.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Height is an important part of individuals personality and height should be according to persons age and weight. Height, weight and age should be in normal proportions for nice and attractive body. But height gain or growth is under the influence of growth hormone.You have good height and further increase of height is not possible at your age. here is no any clinically proved medicine effective for height gain and we recommend you to avoid wasting money on harmful medicines for height gain. Proper diet and regular exercises keep body fit and helps in proper secretions of hormones for growth of our body. So take good nutritional diet and make a routine for regular exercises, pranayams or yoga.

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posted by Dr.Ravinder on 8 January 2010 14:26

Latest Replies

sir,i am 20 and my height is 5'4. Is it possible to increase my height ? please tell me some medicines , exercise and yoga(specially Ramdev baba) that will helpful for me.

posted by Guest on 18 May 2013 16:23

Meri age 21 h.meri height 5 ft meri height nh bd rhi h. Kya speed height cpsul khane se kuch increase hogi. Ya more power cpsul khane se increare hogi or exercise kosi krni pdegi plz help me for my height increase

posted by Guest on 3 April 2013 1:07

Take a long looks capsouls is a pulrly ayutvedic & and doing yogas likes chakra asan, taadh asan and think positive ur height is not matter. Matter is only ur thinking .

posted by Guest on 26 December 2012 16:25

I am radhika meri height 4.10 hai meri age 21 hai kya meri height bad sakti hai pls.mujhe bataye jaldi

posted by Guest on 20 December 2012 13:34

Hello sir , i am 18years old.hight 5ft.4inch me apni hight 5ft.8inch krna cahata hu pls sir koi upaye btaye .thanku

posted by Guest on 15 December 2012 22:16

Hi friend me kishor sharma meri bi height nhi badhti thi bahot peyse kharch kiye koi fayda nihi hua. But mera maind kuch jada hi chalta h to mane khud apni height bhadai h. To tum bi bhadha sakte ho call me88######23 ya my fb id ki******

posted by Guest on 6 December 2012 0:07

sir my height not increase iam23 height is 5 2inch weigt is 54 please recommand some effective medecine as iam presviouly use step up but didnot increase my height

posted by Guest on 19 November 2012 10:44

Hello sir i amir Mira hight nahi bhad rahe koye upaay bataye

posted by Guest on 8 November 2012 3:29

Hi....!!! Its rosemary.I'm 18, & my height is 4.9 i want to increase it...please help....

posted by Guest on 25 October 2012 1:12

hello sir iam gunja or meri age 21 hai or meri height 5.2 hai mai daily yoga exercise bhi krti hu but mri height abhi tak nhi badi so please mujhe koi medicine ya diet batyne jisse meri height bade mai baba ramdev wali height exercises krti hu

posted by Guest on 8 September 2012 18:16

hi sir i am sunil 21 year from rajasthan sir meri height 5 feet4 inch me mery height 5 feet 7 inch chahta hu plaese koi yesa upaye bathaye

posted by Guest on 9 July 2012 19:40

Plz tell me how to grow hight after 22.. And tell some ayurevedice hight grow medicine

posted by Guest on 5 July 2012 23:14

hi... its khushi achully i m 20 yrs old n my height iz 5'5 i want to increase it till 5'9 plz tell me wat should i do..

posted by Guest on 23 June 2012 19:05


posted by Guest on 4 March 2012 16:01

Meri height nahi bad rahi

posted by Guest on 27 February 2012 11:46
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Height increasing

asked by shalela on 2 January 2012 5:50
my age is 23 n my height is 5"0 pls give me sum medicines which i can grow my height in sum months... i have tried a lot to increase my height but it d'nt.. i want to increase my height 3-4 inches more... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Height growth is a process of physiological process which is related with metabolism and there many other factors involved such as hereditary, and genetic factors which has to be considered. Apart from this, there are certain physical milestones which an individual may achieve since birth and if these milestones were not proper, one may suffer height related complaints. Bones are the main.. Read more

Reduce chest,weight,thigh weight and increse height

asked by aleemm on 1 June 2013 17:52
im 16 years male i have never when medicinal duration. my mom is a heart patient,dibieties nad high blood pressure. my weight is 73 kg my height is 5.6 my brother height is 6 feet i want to increase my height and my chest is like girls breast i want to reduce it and reduce weight,thigh weight . when i was in 10 i was 15 year my friend told me to do masturbate i do it for my weight does it... Read More
Dr.Jilsy Says:- Dear Aleemm Thanks for your enquiryIt is a fact that now you are overweight by about 10kg. So it is essential to reduce weight.For that diet and exercise is very important.Avoid taking junk foods, oily and sweet.Do exercise especially cardio for 40 minutes,5 days a week. Along with you can take Divya medohar vati-1 tab twice daily 1 hour after meals. Also 1tsp Divya Triphala Choorna with 1 glass warm.. Read more

Increasing height

asked by priya on 20 January 2010 9:27
I am 21yrs old.I want to increase my height,because its too short with the help of any ayurvedic... Read More
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Height enhancement with the use of ayurvedic, natural, homeopathic or allopathic medicines has not yet been successful. There are no such clinically approved medicine available anywhere which can increase the height of a person. We do not supply any medicine for height.. Read more

Methods to increase height

asked by sachu on 31 May 2010 19:36
sir, i am 20 years 8 month year old male.i want to increase my height.ready to do any thing to increase my please give me advice regarding all the methods to increase height.i want all details regarding the food stuffs i need to take ,about all the exercises that helps to increase height,about yoga's which i need to practice,medicines which don't have side effects that i need to... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, According to physiology and anatomy of human body the height differs from person to person. These physiological changes do occur due to many factors like if someone is having genetic related issues or hereditary related issues, or there are issues with growth hormone imbalance, there would be possibility of height retardation in individuals, and there is no gender difference for the same and.. Read more

Bow legs and height increase

asked by ted on 2 June 2015 21:50
I am 18 years old female. I have slight bow legs. Is the surgery only option to treat bow legs or there are any yoga exercises to treat these?? Another question i want to ask is i am 5 feet 3 inches tall. My height has stopped increasing since 3 years. Is there any possibility to increase height through yoga exercises at the age of... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Bow, Height, Legs
Dr.Ramani Says:- As Bowlegs is a structural problem and considering your age, surgery will be required to correct it based on the curve. Surgery is usually advised if it is involved with blounts disease where the curvature will be more visible. As concerned with your age, the long ned of the bones fuse around 22yrs and you can try some stretching exercise which will be beneficial. The peak increase in height stops.. Read more

Height problem

asked by ranjit s on 12 August 2011 12:44
height problem Respected sir, i am 19 yrs old, and my height is 4.5 fit and i want grow my height at least 1fit and i don't know any yoga of yours. so, please tell me one of the most effective ayurvedic medicine to cure this problem... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As per given details by you, your age is 19 years, and height is 4.5`` where according to science, there are certain growth spurts which occur depending on ages such as childhood, after achieving puberty, there is will be growth variations, and due to disturbances in growth spurts, there may be delay in growth. Even due to hormonal changes, genetic causes, there may be delay in height In.. Read more

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